The 2nd Annual Davis Pentathlon will be happening April 3rd, 2016.  We are hoping for over a hundred participants.  No experience is necessary (the event will be mostly beginners who may participate in 1 or 2 of the individual sports-no one starts pentathlon knowing all the sports).  The event will include 4 out of the 5 modern pentathlon sports-fencing, swimming, and a combined run/pistol shooting event (I am currently searching for a stable to incorporate the equestrian event for qualified riders).  The event is open to anyone aged 7 and over.  On Saturday, April 2nd there will be open practice at different locations around town for those wishing to learn events they do not know as well as camps and classes leading up to the event.  Please email davispentathlon@gmail.com with any questions, or your name, if you are interested in participating.

You can also download the registration packet Pentathlon Athlete (but please email your name so I can get a head count quickly).

Watch the youtube video.

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