Davis Pentathlon is Growing!!!  The new Placer County Pentathlon is joining with Davis Pentathlon to form the Northern California Pentathlon Circuit.  No experience is necessary for any of our pentathlon tournaments (the tournaments include many beginners who may participate in 1 or 2 of the individual sports-no one starts pentathlon knowing all the sports).

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Davis Pentathlon Circuit

We have tentative dates for the 2018 Norcal Pentathlon Circuit.  Please mark your calendars.  I’ll have registration open in September.

The 6th Annual Davis Pentathlon will take place April 11th, 2020.

Davis Pentathlon will host the USA Pentathlon National Championships and Training Camp June 20-28.  More info coming soon!!!

Sponsors Wanted!!!

Click Here to tell us about potential sponsors or grant makers and help us expand our program.

Please email davispentathlon@gmail.com with any questions about sponsorship or participation.
Watch the youtube video.
Additional video.

2 thoughts on “Home”

    1. Our laser pistol lessons teach the basic rules and safety of laser pistol marksmanship as used in the laser run portion of modern pentathlon. Students are taught aiming, breath control, and respect for the laser pistols (for both safety and cost). While it usually takes a day or two to get the knack of aiming, by the end of the week, students are practicing the run/shoot portion of the event.


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